I need to learn

I want to make my game, but the tutorials from the academy are not completely in Spanish, where can I learn ?, (thanks to all who always answer my questions, you are the best community) :sonriendo:

Unfortunately, the contents have not been translated into all the languages… to do so, you would need to be able to count on volunteers who would be able to do it, but above all, who would want to!

The company behind the creation of the console is French. That’s why the content is available in French. The tutorials have been systematically translated into English to cover the widest possible audience, regardless of the country of origin of the community members.

Do you have difficulties understanding English? If so, it’s embarrassing… unless a member of the community can help you in Spanish :slight_smile:

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Yes as Steph said translation is made by volunteers. So you could try to make translation and ask for help when you have a problem. So your works could be keept.
Do you have a web site ? There is few chance that team add spanish in the langages of the academy for different reasons out of your subject so you could keep your works on a webpage for spanish users (and you could add a spanish chat too for people who are not fine with english or a forum for spanish META users with a link to here and official META site). It’s could be great as users could be able to exchange in natural langage as we do and share with us with a minimum of words if they have difficulties to do it.
Else if some spanish users have already do it please answer here and make your works known.
Else if you don’t have a website, you can works on a doc in spanish and make a pdf or better a markdown page on github… :wink: