how can i upload my codes to my gamebuino

I can’t send my arduino code to my gamebuino by usb, the translated lesson is not well understood in my language when pressing ctrl…

Did you follow all the steps to install the programming environment with the Arduino IDE?

Are you using the USB cable provided with the handheld?

If you use another one, make sure that it is capable of carrying data. Some USB cables are only used for power supply.

yes, i am using the gamebuino usb cable and i already did all the steps to start it :sonriendo:

Do you get any error messages? You can enable verbose output in Arduino from File > Preferences, tick the Show verbose output boxes.

Did you try running your program from the SD card instead of USB upload? You can find the bin file to put on the card at the end of the Arduino build output, usually a file named like “…/arduino_build_709680/yourgame.ino.bin”.

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