how can i take my gamebuino apart?

how can i take my gamebuino apart?
a week ago the menu and select buttons sank, so I decided to disarm my gamebuino but how do I do it ?, I can’t open it anywhere, help :angustiado:

Hi Puto,

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to put back together. To do this, you will have to proceed as follows, repeating the operation on both sides of the handheld:

It is not necessary to peel off the wooden skin completely, of course. I made my photos with 2 handhelds: one on which the skin is placed, the other one which has no skin :slight_smile:

You just have to peel it off slightly to have access to the clamps:

Once the case has been opened, simply replace the elements that have slipped, then close the case by re-clipping it.

bonjour existe t-il des piéce de rechange pour reparation comme l’ecran par example?

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Argh Steph is true. As it’s done, i’ll just post this link:

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