Help with collisions

Hello there! i’m learning basic coding for gamebuino, but i have a problem with the command gb.collision, in my sketch of arduino doesn’t exist, i don’t know if there is a problem with my library but it doesn’t even mark it in de orange habitualy color of commands.

Hi !
in my knowledge there is no gb.collision function in the library.
The functions that handle collisions are :

You can have a look on these subjects:

or this one Collision carre - By IceCrew

Sorry alot are in french.

those functions doesn´t recognize them :c
Thanks Jicehel, already learn a little bit more about collisions.

Looks like a typo in your code, you want to call and check the result of that function, so try “if (gb.collide.rectRect(bx, by, ...)) { ... }” instead.

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