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Author :  HalfMaskPlays

So.... I just need to know... how do I exactly make a button do a specific action? 

Author :  Codnpix

if (gb.buttons.pressed(BUTTON_A)) {//do something}

Have a look here :

And there is all the resources needed to get started with the Gamebuino_META here :

Author :  HalfMaskPlays

Thanks. If you can also answer this other question, it would really help.

So... the other question is, Is it possible to make buttons play different sprites? and if so, how?

Author :  Codnpix

Please make at least the effort of reading the basic tutorials, everything you need for getting started is explained. 

And I don't understand your question "play different sprites", but roughly everything is possible within the limits of the machine. The language is C++ (and Python soon), so you can do whatever you want using the full resources of those languages.

Author :  jicehel

HalfMaskPlays is english your natural langage ? I agree Codnpix: you are here to learn so first you should follow the tutorials but after you will continue to have some technical problems to do that you want. And it's will be a pleasure to help (when we can) but if you know what you want do, it's not the case for us. So please don't be affraid to write the more clear you can that you want to do.
Want you change the type of sprite when you press a button ? Want you change the animation of it.
You can have a look on these subjecs there alot solutions for these types of requests are explained:

I think you will have alot of your answers in these ressents subjects  

Author :  HalfMaskPlays

Thank you for the advice and yes English is my natural language