Glitch Meta - screen - level design

Hi ! Just wanted to share my work in progress with that little pixel-art from the game I’m working on :).
I hope I will be able to upload a playable demo soon !
It will be a kind of platformer game with an evolution through 8 spaces like this one, I still have a lot to do…
The graphic design is al made with GIMP.


Nice. You will add platform on picture or player will use the background to advance ?

All the graphic part is on the background, exept for the other sprites, objects etc I will add to the scene. The platforms are only handled by a “logic” tileset mapped on the image.

Fine, i think it’s will have an original graphism, thanks already for this new game before having the first demo :wink:

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I like our pixel art sharing ! And good luck with the developments ! Do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary :wink:

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