Gamebuino meta manual setup -- By Aurélien Rodot

Gamebuino META manual setup

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

I- Download and install the Arduino IDE

Download the Arduino IDE

  • This might require administrator rights on the computer
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi!
  • Download and install the software
  • Windows users: Install the drivers when asked to

Now, we need to setup two key elements to be able to program on your Gamebuino: the board and the libraries.

II - Install the boards

  • 1 - Launch the Arduino IDE
  • 2 - Click on "Files/Preferences"
  • 3 - Copy the following address in "Additional Boards Manager URLs:". If you already have other URLs present, separate them with a comma ","
sudo adduser <username> dialout

III - Install the library

  • 1 - Launch the Arduino IDE (if you closed it)
  • 2 - Click on "Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries"
  • 3 - Wait for the library list to be updated
  • 4 - Search for "Gamebuino META" and install it
  • 5 - Close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about the game you want to make while it's downloading.
  • 6 - Click on "Close"
If you have a Gamebuino, click on the button down below and try out your first code!

Compile and run your game

Author :  YQN

Step II.9: The Gamebuino META board is not showing up in the list. Could it be because I'm using WinXP?

Author :  Sorunome

have you added the boards url like described in II.3 ?

Author :  YQN

Nope, I managed to skip this step, silly me! That's what happens when you wanna go too fast! Thanks! Now working :)

Author :  nobody5050