Gamebuino Classic Issue: No Display, TX Light On

Sorry if this has been answered previously. I tried searching the forums but didn’t find anything.

When I turn on my Gamebuino Classic the power LED lights up faintly, the TX LED lights up brightly and nothing comes up on the screen at all, no back light or anything.

Do these symptoms point towards something obvious? The screen would seem like the culprit, but does the TX LED being on and the power LED being dim point to something else?

Just to fill in some details; this problem originally occurred a few years ago and at the time I just put the Gamebuino aside and forgot about it, until recently finding it again. I noticed that the battery was dead and swollen, which made me think that that might have been the original issue, so I removed and replaced it with an 18650 I had.
I think the symptoms are the same now as they were back then, but I can’t be completely sure.

Any Help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Well I got it working.
After some more searching I found the Gamebuino Wiki Troubleshooting page and noticed the C button reset instruction. This worked but oddly not immediately. It took turning the device on and off a number of times to start fully working.
First the unit beeped and the screen back light lit up, but no display at all,
The next time the screen throw up some random scrambled pixels, then went blank,
Then more random pixels which stayed up.
I removed the SD and tried again, which finally brought up the normal Insert SD display.
It’s been working correctly since and the SD didn’t appear corrupted in any way when I reinstalled it.

However I do still seem to have an issue with the TX LED.
Sometimes the Gamebuino will turn on with just the power LED lit up, while others the TX LED is on brightly, while the power LED is only dimly on. At one point both the TX and RX LEDs were lit.
The TX LED goes out when I plug charging cable into the micro USB, but not permanently.

What are the TX and RX LEDs indicating?
I would assume it has something to do with voltage, but what specifically?


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