Forum topic not generated for new Creation


I added my finished game Stuck, but it won’t add a Creations forum topic. It keeps on giving an error, asking me to ensure that I have logged in at the forums and try again, but it keeps giving me the error.

Mind that, earlier, I also created a Creation called Stuck, which I removed. Maybe this usecase of reusing a deleted name has a bug?

kind regards

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Hi Thomas,
Yes it could be the reuse of an existing name. If it really doesn’t work, you can create a topic manually and put a link to it in the Creation description, as a workaround ?

Ah that explains a lot. Wanted to say thank you for your game „stuck“ but couldn’t find any thread!
Very nice looking, polished game!

Ok Aurelien, ill give that a try.

Thanks Zockeromi, as i have little experience with art, it took quite the effort :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it. Dont give up too soon, there is quite some variation gradually getting introduced as you progress! Let me know if you need a tip!

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:open_mouth: The artwork looks very nice.
I never give up fast, but i have a horrid gaming backlog, let’s see how far i can get😆