Firebuino -- By makerSquirrel


Author :  makerSquirrel

This is a Gamebuino Meta port from the Gamebuino classic version made by LADBsoft:

Compared to the classic version it features colors, animations, flashy LED stuff and a new menu.

The new mode orients itself on the new mode of the classic game which featured graphics made by Erico Patricio Monteiro. The classic mode orients itself on the classic mode of the LADBsoft version, which was originally drawn by Luis Alejandro Domínguez Bueno. Jicehel ported the classic version image, I solely adapted it a bit and added some animations. For the new mode I colorized Ericos images and added the animations as well. The LED lights are done by me as well, but the idea of the red/blue signal lights comes from Krabbo.

If you are interested in porting games on your own, parallel to making this port I started writing a tutorial (not finished yet, sorry!) over there:
It tries to cover many things relevant from moving on from the Acadamy knowledge to be a more independent developer, so check it out!

Firebuino! meta port version history:

v1.0 is completely playable in both "new" and "classic" mode, which have their own highscores. Possible future changes (if any) :

  • polishing of graphics (I and Krabbo were discussing the new version background image, which was a bit problematic on the META screen. If you experience problems with it, please post it here, so we can discuss adaptions).
  • please post bug reports if you experience anything out of the order!

Thanks to:

Steph (solving the const riddle), Sorunome (general support), Krabbo (his wish was my command, he made the icon as well), Jicehel (graphics for the classic part)

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Author :  Party_Pete

Excellent port and artwork!

Author :  erico

Hello Makersquirrel,

A very nice port here! Apart from gfx, I also made an extended PC port with the theme directed at carrying devs to a local party. You can check this version at itchio:

It has different movement, 6 stages through 3 levels and different people to carry.
If you want to increase your version further, you can use the extra gfx I did for the PC version (the game is free), it is the data folder.

Again, well done, I love the flames!

Author :  makerSquirrel

thanks for your your original gfx because of their high quality it was easy to port the game!

I will check out your new version asap, looking forward to it!


Author :  jicehel

I like the graphics erico but i don't have find the source of the prog. it's a c program ? You have make some other games like this one that could be gamebuinoified ? 

Author :  erico

Hi jicehel, the source is not on itchio. I made it with GLBasic.
As for other games, I have a few going on itchio and one on Steam.

All my games are a bit low res and quite possible to gamebuinofy.
Drop me a line at discord or the world of mock thread.