Dvd logo hit the corner -- By Fenysk

DVD screensaver

Author :  Fenysk

This program has absolutely no interest.

The DVD logo move on your screen, and watch carefully as the logo hits the corner. At this moment, you will be happy!

I created this program because on the internet, the DVD logo has become a "meme".

There are even people who did this:


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Author :  Sorunome

Lol nice! Next also make it change color ^^

Author :  Party_Pete

Ha ha, I never thought I would find a video by Memetastic on this forum!

Author :  Fenysk

Ahah ! ^^

Author :  Fenysk

I take note !! x)

Red --> green --> yellow...

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Suspense is killing me ! I love it haha. Now we can get the Gamebuino in hot on 9GAG :P