Defend pluto -- By alxm

Defend Pluto

Author :  alxm

Defend Pluto is a vertical space shooter.

LAST UPDATE: May 30 2018 - Version Beta 2

  • Move with the D-pad
  • Shoot with A
  • Pause with Menu

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Author :  Weavvoid

I have to say, the more I look at it, the more I like this style you've used here. I'm definitely going to play the heck out of this when I get my Meta!

Author :  alxm

Thanks for the kind words! :-)

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

At first I thought this game was too slow and I was frustrated by the limited ammunitions... but once you get over your old habits, you discover what it really has to offer. This gives a tactical dimension where ship placement and each shot counts, contrary to your usual fast-paced spamming shoot them up.

Plus, animations and pixel art are great.

Love it.

PS: Just added the embedded emulator so you can play from your browser o/

Author :  catsfolly

I defended Pluto (until I died).

I tried this game out on the emulator and had a good time.

I like the look of the game with the limited palette and blocky graphics. The screen transitions and animations are cool.

The limited resources add some strategy to the game. It looks very promising.

Nitpicks - 

1. I think it would be nice it it showed the level number between levels:  "Level 5 Complete" instead of just the generic "Level Complete".

2. Some statistics between rounds might be cool too, i.e. "You shot 70% of the shootable things" or 

"your shots hit something 30% of the time" (accuracy).

3. When the extra hearts display goes to zero, the 3 heart display blinks between full and empty. In the heat of battle, I glanced at the hearts and saw 3 full hearts and then I died. It might be better if in blinked between 3 empty hearts and no hearts.

4. Would it be possible to show damage on things that take multiple hits? I never know how many hits its going to take to blow something up.

5. On some levels (like levels 4 and 5) the flying spaceships are flying on top of the meteors. This makes everything look less "solid" since the objects don't collide with each other. Is this unavoidable?

6. Will there be some way to get more life? Pickups?

These are just my impressions from trying out the game. I know it's just a Beta version and you are still working on it. Feel free to ignore all my suggestions if you like....


Author :  alxm

Cheers for your feedback, and thanks for playing my game! I'll try to add pretty much everything you mentioned above to the next version. Pickups are also in the works, for extra lives, speed and better weapons. The enemies and asteroids don't collide on purpose, I like the idea of enemy ships blending in with other obstacles for the extra surprise.

Author :  trelemar

I really enjoy playing this game. I've played through the demo a few times now. Hoping for more levels soon! Maybe even an endless mode so we can try to get the highest score possible?

Author :  mike_j503

I played through it too (on my brand new unit and liked it). The art style is reminiscent of games far far far back and that's cool. Will be very happy once there's more content for the game.

I think catsfolly made many solid suggestions.

Keep up the good work.

Author :  ragnarok93

I really really like this game :). Hope there will be some updates and more levels :D.

Author :  alxm

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and comments! Defend Pluto Beta 2 is out, this release focuses on quality improvements instead of more levels:

  • Sound effects
  • Nicer light effects
  • More stars and more particle effects
  • Smoother screen transitions
  • Energy bar blinks when you can't shoot anymore
  • Level Cleared screen shows level number
  • A little more difficult than Beta 1
  • New icon and title screen

Hope you have fun trying it out!

Also a big thanks to everyone who voted for Defend Pluto in the sticker poll! :-)

Author :  Sorunome

It looks great, the sound effects are great and the lights, too! The particles in the background give the entire thing way more dynamic, which, well, is great!

while you provide a GMV in the download you also have to copy the BMP back over from the sd card as it gets magically flagged as "I have a GMV" - i noticed that my gamebuino re-created the GMV because of that

Author :  alxm

Thanks Sorunome! I just put out a new update for Beta 2 that fixes the title screen BMP and the game freeze bug you told me about on Discord.

Author :  locness3

Love the light effects!