Cutie critters -- By Shdwwzrd

Cutie Critters

Author :  Shdwwzrd

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Author :  jicehel

Yes, nice. Thanks for it  ;)

Author :  Shdwwzrd

You're Welcome

Author :  chris-scientist

This game is very fun ! And well done ;)

I'm going back to make a part :)

Author :  Shdwwzrd


Author :  Alban

Nice work :-) I especially like the little animations, they make the game feel more lively.

Author :  Zockeromi

Looks really cute

Author :  Shdwwzrd


Author :  Shdwwzrd

Thanks, All credit for the art goes to Vampirics

Author :  geed

Nice game, i like it :)

but i have a strange bug with version i downloaded on neoretro-site :

Screen is not "centered" and icons are not correct (it's icons of yatzi). The version i donwload here works great :)

Author :  Shdwwzrd

That’s odd, I’ll recheck the file and let you know

Author :  Shdwwzrd

Not sure how it happened but the file on our server is fixed. Let me know if you still have issues.