Control pc with gamebuino meta keybuino -- By Oasis

KeyBuino - Now With L and R Support!

Author :  Oasis

1.0 - Made!

1.1 - Backspace fixed

1.2 - (Major Update!) Extremely responsive now!

1.3 - Changed shift being held down for some reason!?

1.4 - Added icon and titlescreen!!

1.5 - Cleaned it up like heck

1.6 - (Major Update!) Mouse Support!

1.7 - Fixed description

2.0 - L and R support

!!Coming soon - Better Keyboard, Controller Style Inputs, Internet Browsing Mode, Extra Button Support!!

I was watching the Arduboy trailer the other day (no reason of course!) when I saw that the Arduboy can act like a computer keyboard. I thought "hey, I wanna do that"

And sure as hell I did

So this is a controller, a keyboard and a mouse in one "game" - you toggle between them by following on screen instructions.

Compatibility - Every computer - including RPI and Mac! :)

This is slightly different to Paduino in that it acts like a computer keyboard rather than gamepad so download whichever suits your need! Also has mouse support,

Also I might add a dark theme to the keyboard cuz that's what people seem to like so look forward to that or whatever

SO buttons are as follows

D-Pad = WASD

A = j

B = k

L = 1

R = 2

Menu = left shift - this is because it will make it easier to switch to keyboard without misprinting and having letters all over your screen!!

This is nowhere near finished - to enter anything you have to press enter on the Gamebuino - this will be fixed

In the download I will include the Arduino sketch as I don't yet have Git so if you want to look at code use that

see here to add buttons:

See more
Author :  jicehel

So remote control could be used for a second player maybe ? (for Pong or any other 2 players games) 

Author :  DFX2KX

Okay that is neat! the only HID library I know of needs a one of the Atmel U4 cpus, didn't know you could do that on the META.

Author :  Oasis

Its always worth trying!

Author :  Oasis

Perhaps, it could be possible to bluetooth it using another arduino board but it would be amazingly cheap. I found some games more enjoyable whith this like super smash flash etc

Author :  Oasis

Also i will try to use the mouse library as well but im not sure how practical this would be

Author :  Alban

That's a very interesting project, I had no idea one could do that with a SAMD! My 2 cents: I have already created a gamepad controller based on Arduino for another project, reverse-engineering the keyboard library implementation. I suppose this could be ported to your project: (check the "Paduino" files). If you are interested, feel free to adapt to your project, or tell me if you wish me to contribute.

Update: I had a little time to fiddle. Based on my previous project, here is a 1-button implementation, adding the rest and modifying the HID descriptor is straightforward, but it's time to go to bed :-)

I estimate that you are the owner of the idea, so you can take my code and do whatever you want with it. If you're not interested, just tell me, and I'll publish it myself when done if you authorize me so, giving you credit. Otherwise I'll just keep it for my own use and make my github repo private :-)

Author :  Alban

Done :-)

Now, I can say without lying "I have played Mortal Kombat X with my gamebuino".

Oasis > once again, my code is public for you to use. If you want to use it, feel free, and if you want me to hide this repo, feel free too, you're the rightful owner of the idea. I was just too eager to test it, and I had already written 90% of the code for my previous project.

Author :  Oasis

Hi i live in the UK so im replying late cuz of that. Im not great at coding and i really dont mind what you do with my code/concept! Just credit me and its cool. I might try and tinker with Paduino but truth is im really not amazing at coding just ideas :)

Author :  Oasis

and also our projects slightly differ as mine implements a keyboard too which im focusing on rn

Author :  Alban

Thanks Oasis, I've just made my creation public:

Author :  bfx

Wow, crazy stuff actually!! Congrats!!

Congrats as well to Alban for the Gamepad emulation.

Now think about the hacking possibilities!

Author :  Oasis


Author :  Sorunome

Awesome, soru can't wait to try it out! :D

Author :  Oasis

Thanks, i still havent quite finished its rough around the edges but i think its functional and works quite well

For some reason, when I put my the game folder in my gamebuino, the “game” doesn’t show.