Contrast issue with gamebuino classic software issue or defective hardware - By tinkerBOY

Author :  tinkerBOY

I just got my Gamebuino Classic yesterday and have been tinkering with it. I just notice an issue with the contrast setting. It's not working no matter what values i press. Games like 101STAR.HEX, INVADERS.HEX, FLAPPY.HEX, SUPERCRA.HEX, and more..or games with fast moving grapics are almost invisible. Could it be a defective hardware?

I tested a nokia 5110 LCD i have with an Arduino Uno but display is great.

Author :  Sorunome

did you select the save option in all the menu stuffs in the settings program after adjusting the contrast?

Author :  tinkerBOY

Yes i did but whether i save or not the display should reflect the changes i made right away. But it's not doing anything when i try to adjust the contrast.