Color palettes -- By Aurélien Rodot

Color palettes

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Official, default palette (new)

New! January 2018 update: Grays are less brownish, purple is darker.

Why is it important to use the default palette?

  • We spent lot of time fine tuning this palette to get the perfect blend of colors.
  • You can't really go wrong with these colors.
  • This will give the Gamebuino games a consistent look.
  • They are not garish nor not dull and all different.
  • This is a pretty versatile palette, you should be able to do any kind of games with it.
  • They are the default colors used in indexed mode.

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Download tools

  • Source BMP and PNG of the palette
  • Photoshop Swatches (ACO) and Color Tables (.ACT)
  • Paint.NET palette
  • Excel sheet with all values

Mockups by Drakker, Adekto & Erico, updated with the new palette

RGB & HEX values

Note: You don't have to use the HEX/RGB values in your program, see gb.display.setColor

R8 G8 B8 HEX888
BLACK 0 0 0 #000000
DARKBLUE 0 67 133 #004385
PURPLE 150 0 64 #960040
GREEN 0 139 80 #008B50
BROWN 207 142 68 #CF8E44
DARKGRAY 84 77 67 #544D43
GRAY 168 153 135 #A89987
WHITE 255 255 255 #FFFFFF
RED 219 29 35 #DB1D23
ORANGE 255 168 17 #FFA811
YELLOW 245 231 0 #F5E700
LIGHTGREEN 133 207 68 #85CF44
LIGHTBLUE 125 187 255 #7DBBFF
BLUE 68 133 207 #4485CF
MAGENTA 207 68 133 #CF4485
BEIGE 255 214 144 #FFD690

Kuddos to @Drakker for helping me with the palette update & testing.

Kudos to @Drakker @Erico @Adekto for testing the initial palette with gorgeous mockups :)

Gamebuino palette discussion

Alternative palettes

If you want to use other palette you still can :)

Suggest your own palettes and ressources in the comments!

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

The default Gamebuino palette just got updated! Check the first post to see it :)

Author :  ry755

The new palette looks good! But the update at top should say January 2018, right?

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Hah...  yeah, I fixed it. Thanks.

Author :  exocet

Looks good to me! Pretty complete and very versatile. 

The only that I'm not sure of is whether the magenta and the red are too close too each other. Maybe purple and magenta could be a tiny bit brighter so magenta can be used as well as a lighter shade of red  but does not move too far from purple?

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

@exocet I tried brightening the magenta to make it pinkish, but it doesn't really help in my opinion.

There will always some compromises to be made... that's what's fun I guess :)

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

I created a palette a few months ago that was based on the old Gamebuino palette. The overall shades are almost the same but the colors are less vibrant and hard on the eyes. The blue shades have a more pronounced hue shift. Instead of having shades of magenta/pink, it has a purple color. The name is "Vintage Gamebuino Palette"

Note: The color change is MUCH more noticeable when you're looking at them when downloaded instead of the browser or with a better display.

Author :  clement

Hello I share the color palette for


put it in "D:\Mes Documents\Mes fichiers\Palettes" and TADA : 

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Thanks, I'm adding that to the .zip file :)

Author :  geed


it is my .gpl palette for Piskel. Tired to recreate them every time i change of pc !

palette for Piskel

Author :  DFX2KX

I was having issues with Pskel not playing nicely with Bitdefender. So I installed GraphicsGale instead. And that seems to work.

It does have a palette feature, and I went ahead and made a basic .gal file with that loaded up for anyone else who happens to want to use this program.

Here it is:

GraphicsGale Gambuino

Author :  Zipon

Hi guys

I couldn't find a palette for Aseprite in the zip file, so i made my own one.