Cats and Coins

Cats and Coins

Author :  SiegfriedCroes


Genre: Platformer
Graphics: Original pixel art using DawnBringer's 16 color palette
Tools: Arduino IDE and Sublime Text 3 (coding), Aseprite and Adobe Photoshop (art)


PLAY mode

Collect all gold coins within the level and reach the exit sign. You might also find red, green and blue coins. Collecting these will open up new pathways to access places you couldn't before. Completing a level will reveal how much time it took you to do so.

MAKE mode

Build your own levels and test them at any time right on the device! Share them with the community and play other people's levels simply by loading them on and off your SD card.


Cats and Coins - Demo Version


The game is currently still in development. Keep an eye on this creation and its comment section to get updated on its progress.


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Author :  Sorunome

I have been following the development of this so far, and i must say, it has been astonishing! This game ought to be something that will be very enjoyable, i can't wait to try it!

Author :  jicehel

Amazing job like some other in the team of game makers but yes amazing job on level editing, moves and graphics. Now have to be good on level editing and make this game an of the top game to play  ;)  I'll follow news and for sure its will be one of the game i'll test in Febuary when i'll receive my META ;)

Author :  deeph

You made the parallax background, nice ! I already told you but I love all those little details ! :)

Will you implement double jumping ? It could add a little more challenge.

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps


Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Thank you all very much for the kind words!

I don't think I'll add double jumping but I will add that the longer you press A the higher you jump.

update 2018-01-27

I reworked the toolbox to have category selection and descriptions for everything! All text is work in progress.

As always, here's some footage:

Author :  jicehel

I like alot. Your game and the tools. Very good job

Author :  erico

Looking pretty awesome!

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Thanks guys!

UpDATE 2018-02-03

Today I added plants, crates and milk! Also improved and optimized some code.

Again, some footage to show it all off:

Author :  jicehel

SiegfriedCroes, this game will be crazy. I think i'll loose alot of hours because of you. I hate you already and i thanks you alot for that too...

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

@jicehel: Haha, thank you very much! As long as you're having fun it's time well spend ;)

UPDATE 2018-02-04

Programmed these yesterday already but refined them some more today. I'm talking about collapsing platforms! :D

Author :  exocet

Very cool project. It looks so polished already :)

Author :  jicehel

Amazing, it's will be a top game. Probably better and more fun than alot actual commercial games

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Thank you so much for the kind words, it really means a lot!

UPDATE 2018-02-09

This week I finally added variable jump height, ghost jump (the ability to still jump for a few milliseconds after falling off a platform) and a worm enemy!

Author :  jicehel

After the worm you could maybe add a bird too ?  (i think its should be the good size, they are neutral grey atm because i don't know wich color you would and even if you want add a bird  ;) ) So it's just an idea.

Edit, j'ai changé d'idée, je te mets des versions couleur

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Oh yeah I'll definitely make a bird enemy :) With the option to make them patrol horizontally or vertically. There will also be a mouse that can climb up walls and ceilings and a fish that jumps out of the water (will add water for that which you'll drown in when you land in it).

Note: those are all ideas I'd love to add but that doesn't mean they'll be in the game for sure.

Also, I appreciate you trying to help :) The birds are really blurry though and still too big! But don't worry, I'll be able to draw something that works :)

Author :  jicehel

Cool and good news for the monsters add. If you continue as you sterted, this game will be fantastic

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

UPDATE 2018-02-21

I just released a first playable version of the game!

Check out the creation for a download button and info on the content and controls :)

Author :  Come

Maybe soon a forum inside the gamebuino forum but just for all the cats and coin level

Author :  jicehel

I have tested the demo. I love your game even as a demo but i hope you'll have a first playable version soon. I think that you'll have 2 binairies in the final version: one to play only with ability to save progression and play customs maps and one to edit levels and test with maybe an autosave of the current creation and ability to save it as a custom map (and be able to export it to propose it to others and you to add it if you like it in the standarts levels ?)

I hope you'll have alot time to continue it... I can't wait now that i have my META, your game is atm one of the top fun game of the META (mayble splatoon can change my minds but i have to test it first  ;) )