Cats and coins demo version -- By SiegfriedCroes

Cats and Coins - Demo Version

Author :  SiegfriedCroes


Cats and Coins is a simple platform game with built-in level editor.
In this demo you'll get a taste of both the play and edit mode.
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See this creation for updates on the full version.


Left-Right: Move
A: Jump
Down: Crouch
Down + A: Drop down
Menu: Switch to edit mode

D-pad: Move
A: Add/remove objects
B: Show toolbox
Menu: Switch to play mode

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Author :  Martisse

Hi, the game ist awesome but can you give code in .ino file please. I cannnot read binary File... :)

Author :  Zockeromi

Hypetrain is rolling again ????

Hope this time we will see a finished version!

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

I'll add the source asap, the full version is an almost complete rewrite anyway :) What are you planning on doing with it?

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Yes, almost time to continue the ride ;)

Of course!

Author :  Martisse

I want to See the source because i want to See how you are make the game and i want to be inspired for my game.

Sorry, my Englisch is Bad...

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

Super late but I added the source as a downloadable ZIP :)

Author :  jicehel

Yes, thanks alot SiegdriedCroes. Any news on projects about this amazing game ?

Author :  SiegfriedCroes

I've actually been making good progress on it! I'll write an update on the other creation this evening :)

Author :  jicehel

OK, i know it a few as i have read on discord but i let you explain your plans about this game as he's good enough to have some regular news about progress.

Author :  Zockeromi

Ok  will tune in for more ????

@SiegfriedCroes Thank you for this nice demo. I downloaded the source code, yet I cannot find any license information. Which license do you mean to release it under? Wondering before I start hacking few improvements I thought about. Also it would be nice if the code was on GitHub for easier collaboration!

Sorry for the late reply, never got a notification… I’ve recently decided to move on from making this game for the Gamebuino and instead make a web version. Feel free to do anything you want with the source, don’t use the graphics though.