Bumble bots -- By eriban

Bumble Bots

Author :  eriban

Bumble Bots is a difficult puzzle action game. You control a bot which needs to find its way in sixteen small but increasingly more difficult levels. You need to collect pick ups, push boxes, fill gaps, use teleports and more while being chased by enemy bots or the clock.

The puzzles will challenge your problem solving skills and the action your reflexes and agility. Can you complete all levels?


  • Sixteen levels, with a lot of variation!
  • Isometric 3D views
  • Wave animations
  • Enemies
  • Pick-ups, boxes, teleports, and gaps
  • Tracking of level progress, hi-score and level hi-scores
  • Level selection menu
  • Sound and light effects 


  • Set a good hi-score (BEST score)
  • Complete all levels
  • Complete all levels in a single run (BEST level run)
  • Improve the hi-score for each level (BEST level sum)

Let me know how you get on! You can share an image of the end screen as proof.

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Author :  ragnarok93

Yaaay, new version ! :D

Author :  Sorunome

Hello, I tried to compile your game and it appears you are using a variable you aren't declaring anywhere: CUST3

Palettes.cpp:30: error: 'CUST3' was not declared in this scope

Would you mind updating & fixing this?

Author :  eriban

Oops, something went wrong there. There was a change still lingering in my local repo which was not "git added". It's been fixed. In case of other issues, let me know. Btw, I plan to release Version 0.3 soon, but will wait with that in case you have other suggestions for improvement, so I can incorporate those.

Author :  eriban

Version 0.3 has just been released! It features boxes and gaps. This enables more puzzle-like levels, as you need to plan how to push the boxes. That resembles Sokoban a bit, but in this game you also have moving enemies to contend with. The Tea Party level is a first example of this, but there will be more to come.

Hopefully someone actually manages to get this far. :-)

Author :  mike_j503

Unfortunately getting a 404 from the download link on creation page.

Typo in link I assume.

Author :  eriban

Oops, apparently the link is case-sensitive. Thanks for reporting it. I have fixed the link. It should now work. Sorry!

Author :  Sorunome

Haying played now level 1-8, i must say that i really enjoyed this! The graphics are great, i love the isometric view. The difficulty increases, which is great, too! I noticed one bug: once you have level 9 unlocked, in the level selection screen all on the right part of the screen random pixels are appearing. Other than that, really great game!

Author :  jicehel

Yes it's a really good game. Sorry to have not make any comment before but i have just had time to test on my META. A fine and original game: a "to have" on any META

Author :  ragnarok93

Absolutely agree with You ;).

Author :  eriban

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the game, and that you've gotten pretty far already. I guess I need to quickly add more levels. :-)

Also thanks for the bug report. I have not yet managed to reproduce it, but will keep an eye out for it. If you have more details, let me know.

Author :  eriban

Version 0.4 has just been released. It features two new game elements: drop kills and a new box type. Four new levels have been added including Besieged, my personal favourite. This level is harder than it looks. Believe me though, it is possible...

Author :  eriban

Hi Sorunome. After upgrading the Gamebuino META library to v1.1.0 I managed to reproduce the issue with the random pixels at the right side of the level menu screen. It happens when x < 0 and x + w == 0 when invoking drawFastHLine. Is this maybe a bug in the library? For now I fixed it by using the below helper function which adapts the arguments so that the drawn line always fully fits on the screen. However, if the library also does argument checking, this may be a bit of an overkill.

void safeDrawFastHLine(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t w) {
  if (x < 0) {
    w += x;
    x = 0;
  if (x + w > 80) {
    w = 80 - x;
  if (w > 0 && y >= 0 && y < 64) {
    gb.display.drawFastHLine(x, y, w);
Author :  eriban

Version 1.0 of BumbleBots has been released, thereby completing the game. This version includes the last three levels, which should offer a good final challenge. Hopefully an enjoyable one! :-)

The game now also features an end screen, which provides a summary of how well you have been doing this game, as well as over all games. I'd be interested to know how you get on.

Author :  jicehel

Great eriban, thanks for this great hard game. And now, have you an idea of your next project ?

Author :  eriban

Thanks and you're welcome. I do not yet have any concrete plans for my next project. First I take a short break, replenish some energy and hope for some inspiration! :-)

Author :  jicehel

It's already a good project  ;) 

Author :  Sorunome

It appears the library did indeed assume it draws at least one pixel onto the screen. I went ahead and fixed that now in the git version, thank you for looking into it!

Author :  eriban

Thanks for picking this up. Nice to know that it is fixed now.

Author :  

Im still amazed how good this game is ;)