Bootloader - By Nai

Author :  Nai

Hello,  currently  Iam creating my own gamebuino with arduino nano.,  I tried to burn a bootloader I get from different source.,  it seems that Iam stuck at the settings. It wont read my sd card.  I also tried to upload an example code of gamebuino library but it wont upload to the arduino nano (Iam using gamebuino as board)  

Can someone help me with this?  Should I use gamebuino as board when uploading or should I use arduino nano as board?  Thank you very much

Author :  jicehel

Hi, have you have a look on: ?

Else you can look at:

With these 2 pages, i think you'll find that you need

Author :  Nai

Wow!!  I never knew there was makerbuino,  thank you very much!  It is now working