Bomberman port start and need help - By jicehel

Author :  jicehel

Sorry, it's another try, but i hope that admin will be able to delete the 3 first (They bugged each time when i had created them)

So i said in that i have begin to port Bomberman from the Arduboy.

The game make some crazy thing atm but i'll manage them but i would have help to understand why the player is blocked after first move.

It's shoud be easy, but of course, when you woks on it, you don"t see.

The code is here (all japanese not yet translated and no thanks screen yet, it's an early version of the port...). I post it as an external link to have a chance that the discussion dont bug this time:

Author :  geed

there is also this guy who created a small bomberman clone for an arduino console :

his code is not "very" clear, but still usable ;)

Author :  jicehel

Yes, ill have a look on it tonight (and later if nobody do, ill have to ot the pinball too... a good pinball is equired on META too.)

I would just undertand why it wa not working like this, but i don't like how the programm is coded (it's not like i had do, so later i'll code it another way (and will add colors too).

I think to an extension of the meta too. A battle station... a box with an hole and a connector below to "plug" the META in with a joystick at left and  buttons (LA and LB) and a joystick at right with 2 other boutons (RA and RB). I think in that extension there should be place to put later a wifi or infra red or bluetooth extension, accelerometer and gyroscope to avoid to have to buy another case later and let maybe people plug it if they want as optional modules).  Maybe have to let a plug too for available i/o left. But it' s just because of bomberman as i imagine the fight on (or with Pong or with a tanks game)...

Author :  jicehel

I have had a look on tiny prog, some idea are good in but program i very specific and there is some thing i don't understand in Arduboys program and i don't like the structure so i'll restart it pat by part (don't worry i'll not do tutos to follow advance this time ;) )

Author :  jicehel

As i'll remake all the bomberman prog, i'll make it as colored. So i have make a first try for sprites of the Bomberman. It's make that (size x2 for a sprite of 8 pixels height with 4 pictures anim: 1;2;1;3):

You find it ok or does i have make error in anim / sprites ? (I'll split it after to import them as atm we can't import a matrice by saying it's 6x2 pictures of 7x8 pixels but it's could be cool to be able to import a tileset from on tileset picture  ;) )