Blockdude -- By Sorunome


Author :  Sorunome

A port of Blockdude to the Gamebuino META

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Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Very simple gameplay yet a challenging puzzle thanks to the nice level design. And I love the colorization.

I've put it in many peoples' hands, and they struggle quite a bit with the controls. It would make sense to pick up the crate in front of you with "A" and put it down with "A" too. Hold "B" down to move the camera, and how hints that you can look around when you do so (like arrows at each edge of the screen). To reset the level well you just press "Menu" to leave and "A" to get back in. I think that with this people would instantly understand how it work, what do you reckon?

Author :  Sorunome

Sounds pretty fair to me, I must agree that the controls are currently a bit iffy ^^ Your suggestions also make a lot of sense

Author :  MicroGames

I would just like to konw.. If there aren't any gamebuino meta emulators how did you get that gif file?

Author :  Sorunome

As part of the Gamebuino Team and a core developer I have a prototype for developing the library itself and thelike ;)

Author :  nositno4

Where I can find <Gamebuino-Meta.h>?

Author :  Sorunome

You should check out how to set up everything

Author :  nositno4

So sorry, it's done. My native language is not English. Finding something is a bit difficult for me. I 'd like to transfer the game to another platform. I'm glad you can reply.

Author :  Sorunome

For that you are on your own. Gamebuino-Meta.h is the include header file of the gamebuino core library.

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

I'm in Paris for 3 days, it's a big students faire. What's funny it that people always choose blockdude from the loader. I tried to put it down in the list, it's still the first pick of many people. I wonder what's special about this icon ^^

Well, now I have seen plenty of people playing this game for the first time, here are a few suggestions.

People don't really get the crate handling right away. You could add some hints to make it more intuitive, for example:

  • Hightlight the crate that is "takable"
  • Show the "A" button icon to show how to take/drop a crate ? Maybe only on the first few levels ? Not sure about this one, it would make the interface more complicated.
  • Show a green shadow/contour of where you could drop the crate
  • Show a red shadow/contour when it's not possible to drop the crate
Author :  zoranc

I am stuck for quite a while on one of the levels. The problem is that dude can't put crate down if there are only two tiles where he walks. If I move him left he is stuck on the left side and can't put it down. If I move him right he also is not able to put it down. Is it intentional to make it more difficult? Are all levels possible to pass with the current game engine?

Author :  Sorunome

That is indeed intentional to make it more difficult, and all levels are possible