Bangi destroy all the balloons -- By igvina

Bangi - Destroy all the balloons

Author :  igvina


Bangi is a classic arcade game where you must shoot and destroy each of the balloons that appear in each level.


  • 45 levels
  • Configurable difficulty/speed (from very easy to ultra)
  • Multiple items (power-ups)
  • And many surprises ...


  • Ported from Arduboy code (no color yet)
  • Thanks to AurĂ©lien for creating the great Gamebuino Meta. I hope to create more games optimized for it!

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Author :  jicehel

Great game. The black and white is very well managed and give a great aspect to this game.

A top game

Author :  igvina

Hi all!

I have just released the source code (a zip file, no GitHub yet) of the finished port.

Please, contact me if you have feedback/problem with the game. Thanks!

Author :  clement

good job !

Author :  julianomologni

Great game, my favourite!

Author :  jicehel

Yes, very fun. I like this monochrome version but a color game with these animations could be amazing too

Author :  ragnarok93

Yeah ! Game is very cool ! I  love Pang type games, but color version would be even better :D.

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

i'll have to disagree with everybody, it's not because you can do color that you have to, I like the minimal black & white design :P

Author :  jicehel

I'm not agree Rodot, i like the monochrome version. I's really well done but i think that a color version could be cool too, it's not same. I think that this version have to to alive because it's stylised but a color version could be different and if it's well done too, it's could be great too with another artistic performance. Igvina don' have to do it if he don't as his game is really good but maybe he would try that and do another version of his game or maybe an option in menu to have different render of this game. Monochrome / Background mono / Full color. As always, it's just idea to programm / have more fun and autor can choose if he want try it or not (and if he have free time to do it too)

Author :  Nux

This game ! I remember it ! 

Look like I must download and try it :)

Edit: i also like the monochrome version

Author :  ragnarok93

Yeah ! Monochrome is nice, but color version could be nice addition too ! :D.

Author :  ragnarok93

Look at game called "Super Bubble Mania" there were a bosses every 10th stage You passed, and that boss fight were epic !! Maybe You could implement such boss fights on later versions/ next game :D. I would love it !!!!! <3

Author :  ragnarok93

And for bosses I mean something like this -

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Hey, you might be interested in getting this on every Gamebuino, you should apply for the Quality Seal :)

Author :  igvina

Thanks Aurélien! I'm trying to improve speed to get stable 30 fps on every level of the game, then I will apply for the Quality Seal ;)

Author :  YQN

Cool port!

Edit: actually my fave META game :)

For some reason I can’t load that game from my SD card. I think there is a problem with the image files, when I remove them from the folder the game appears back in the menu, but I still cannot load it… I remember it worked before (like 6 month ago I played with it). So I don’t know what happened… an update with a corrupt file ?