[Gamebuino Classic]

A game inspired by Worms, one of my favorite games.

Select the number of player (CPU or human), the number of character per team, the map, and fight!

Since GamebuinoClassic Emulator isn’t available here, your can test the game on GameMakers (our website)

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Cool, nice to be able to play it on your site. I have a gamebuino and i had played with your games but this little fun game could be ported on META too. With color i think background could maybe stay back or with gray and players could be colored to have a better view and maybe add some external controls to play together around the screen without having to pass the console ?
I could program back to port these games if you agree and don’t have plan to port them by yourself. Are you ok (With a gratz screen and in source code, of course) ?

Feel free to port it! :slightly_smiling_face:

En fait je ne pensais pas le refaire pour la META… L’intéret de ce jeu était l’algo de ‘décompresion’ des maps, algo qui devrait être un peu compliqué à adapter (sauf si on reste en noir et blanc).

Ceci étant dit, c’est vrai que ça ferait un autre jeu multi!

Oui, je pense que la map peut rester en noir et blanc et on peut juste mettre les joueurs en couleurs. Ca fait une conversion assez simple et un jeu sympa à la fin, je pense :wink: