Armageddon meta -- By wuuff

Armageddon Meta

Author :  wuuff

You have been tasked with the defense of six cities from the incoming nuclear apocalypse. You have only two launchers to shoot down incoming missiles.  Survive as long as you can to delay the inevitable end of the world.

This was a game I made originally for the Gamebuino Classic, but I decided to make a port of it for the Meta to get familiar with the new libraries.  This new version is colorized and the Meta's LEDs light up whenever there's an explosion onscreen.

Please let me know what you think!

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Author :  Pef1432

Remaster of missile command on Atari 2600

Author :  jicehel

I don't know if you like but i made  titlescreen if you an use them and an icon from your titlescreen. I would add them but i can't as i have a message that say that something goes wrong when i try to add them in the message

Si i add them as external link, sorry

Author :  DFX2KX

I was beaten to making a missile command clone I see. You guys are industrious.

Author :  wuuff

@jicehel Thanks for the images, but I already made a title screen and icon for the game that are included.  Did they not show up correctly, or are you suggesting these as higher-resolution replacements?  Also, is there an original image source for the asteroid picture, or did you draw that yourself?

By the way, I figured out why there's an error message when trying to upload images.  The site doesn't allow uploading bmp images, but it just gives a mysterious error.  If you try to upload a png, it should work.

@Pef1432 Yeah, it's basically a Missile Command clone.  I forgot to mention that on this version because I had brought it up back on the original version for the Gamebuino Classic.  I didn't include a couple of features from the original, but I could add them if there's any demand for them.

@DFX2KX I happened to have the game already made for the Classic, so porting it only took about a day.  Making it from scratch would have taken a little more time and effort.

Author :  Max

Very good game! 

Author :  ragnarok93

Great game !! Can't wait to test it on real hardware :D.