Anyone have a used meta for sale by chance - By Dawidci

Author :  Dawidci

Looking to pay less than $100 if possible. Just need it to function and don't care about scratches. 

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

I've been thinking about making a second-hand Gamebuino META Market, looks like I'm not the only one having the idea ^^

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

Not sure where you're gonna find your Gamebuinos. If it stopped working, I would repair it. If I got tired of developing for the meta, I would keep it in my collection.

Author :  jicehel

Just a little note about the "if i got tired of developing" => it's impossible, we need you. You can't be tired... never ...  ;)

Author :  jicehel

Look the new post cubilas sell one. Contact him

Author :  cubilas

Hi Dawidci, I'm selling one. I'm based in Europe though, so not sure how easy (taxes/customs?) or expensive it would be to ship to the US. Can you send me an email on if you'ld be interested?
Author :  Aurélien Rodot

You can ship parcels under 3cm as tracked mail instead of parcels, it should cost around 10€. There won't be taxes to go out of the US.


You bought it from the EU so you paid 20% VAT (so 99.99€ VAT included)

If Dawici buys it from us directly, he won't pay the VAT (83.5€ VAT excluded, approx 99$)

Just giving you all the elements to take the decision :)

Author :  cubilas

Hey Aurélien, thanks for the comment :-) I don't want to be any competition for you guys, figured I'ld rather first try to sell it to somebody from the community instead of putting it on ebay.

I bought it on Kickstarter and live in Belgium, so I didn't pay any VAT though. You shipped it to me from France so within the EU there are no extra taxes. And it's the deluxe version btw ;-)

I'm guessing Dawidci is based in the US since he's talking in dollars. Not sure how much shipping would be from Belgium to the US. Which shipment service would charge 10 euro? I saw very expensive ones in the quick search I did. Is the battery any problem, since I read there are restrictions on shipping lithium-ion batteries to the US?

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

You did pay 20% of VAT like any EU customer, even through kickstarter. Many companies I know don't bother with that, but we play by the rules here.

You can sell it here no problem, I don't consider it competition. You know we care about the planet, so it's better to give it a second life rather than throwing it away. Plus you make money ;)

As I was saying you can ship it as tracked mail, through your local post office, as long as the thickness is under 3cm.