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Ok. As i see that everybody shy, then I make a first step. The name is Michael. From Poland. Currently at age of 32. I am programming since 2015 when I first discovered how intresting is this topic. I started to learn a C++ from internet courses. After half year I liked this so much, that I’ve decided to do postgraduate studies in programming. I managed to complete them and find job in business programming. Now I am the .NET developer in C# and Android. In the private I was fascinating with portable Consoles. I still got the first Gameboy Advance. I always want to build a game for the portable console. And suddenly i’ve heard about portable console for developers from youtube channel arhn.eu. When I first saw it i knew, that this is what i was looking for :slight_smile: Thats how i got here. So far 2 games are completed. The third is underway. Cheers :slight_smile: