A dropping jewels game -- By Drakker

Family Jewels

Author :  Drakker

The game is playable, blocks will drop, score works, but there's no code to detect when it's game over yet.

Source : https://git.sorunome.de/Drakker/FamilyJewels.git

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Author :  Aurélien Rodot

People love it! Awesome pixel art as usual. It's really cool to have a puzzle game, not everybody want reflexes-based games.

Although I noticed that users struggle to understand the controls (hold B and press direction). I think it would be more intuitive to select a jewel with A, the use the D-pad to select the swapping direction, or B to cancel selection.

Author :  MicroGames

It's really hard to belive that gamebuino meta has 16 colors from this picture. It looks like it has way more than 16 :D

Author :  jicehel

OK, nice game. Beautiful and works very well.

I have had fun with it. Some quick things to add i think is the explanation when you clic on it in the menu and the save of the highscore (of highscore are visibles but when you do one high score it don't save it atm)

I have not understand the mind of the changing numbers at the bottom left of the screen and i have not understood how to know when game will ending.

Good luck to complete it when you can.

Author :  Drakker


You probably have the alpha build, it didn't save the highscores yet. Still working on the game, putting the final touch to it. Working on animating the lamp and having it spawn special jewels when its full. The changing numbers on the bottom left is the CPU usage. The game ends when you can't match any more jewels.

I'm trying to finish the game as fast as possible, but life keeps putting obstacles in my way. It will get done eventually.

Author :  jicehel

Thanks for your answer Drakker and may the gods of the games give you some time to let you complete it   ;)

Author :  NoName

i put the downloaded, entzipped folder onto the SD card, but there was no icon for the game or something when i started the meta.i even tried making familyjewels.ino to familyjewels.bin, but when i started the game(there was an icon after renaming the file), but it said "error(3):M[or H?]DT reset".what do i have to do?

Author :  jicehel

When you unzip the files, you have to put them in a folder of the same name as the bin with picture and icon. The file ino is a source code that the console can't use. You have to compile it first with Arduino IDE or use the bin file given (its the compiled vesion)

Author :  NoName

ok, thank you

Author :  NoName

sadly i'm not able to compile the program because......well, the compiler just spits out error messages.could you(or someone else)please upload a compiled version?

Author :  Drakker

You can grab an alpha build from there: https://github.com/Rodot/Games-META/tree/master/binaries

Author :  ragnarok93

Cool game, can't wait for finished version !! <3

Author :  Drakker

Thanks! I haven't abandonned the project but life is getting in the way right now. I'll release another updated build whenever I can.

Author :  NoName

thank you

Author :  puppy65

I know how to coding a match 3 game who detects when it's game over.

The program must detect for all 64 jewels (X,Y) the positions :

a) (X+1,Y) 

b) (X+2,Y) 

c) (X,Y+1) 

d) (X,Y+2) 

inv) for replace + by -

So if j (current jewel) = a) j = c) j, it's not game over.

The detectable positions are :

 * j = a) j = c) j 

 * j = a) j = [inv) c)] j

* This 2 positions reversed 3 times (for changing a) into b), then into c), and into d)...)

* j = [inv) a] c) j = a) c) j

* This position reversed 3 times like for the other

* j) = a) j = a) b) j 

* This position reversed 3 times like for the others

Just the first jewel of the possible combinaison must be tested because the others will be tested for other X and Y valors, it will slow the program if not.

Author :  Drakker

Thansk for the info but I guess I should update the description because the game is almost done now. I'm working on high scores and all the other boring but necessary stuff that makes a game complete.

Author :  ragnarok93

Yeeee, when all game mechanics is working then its time to make all other, boring things done cause without it game would not be as polished as it could be :D. Glad to hear that game is almost done ;).

Author :  Sorunome

The following things are rather sub-optimal about family jewels:

  • an extra title screen to press A after the normal title screen (why, it's even the same image)
  • all background music is very noisy (a lot of background noise)
  • credits entry is blank
  • I expect to be able to go back with B in "Instructions", "High Score" and "Credits"
  • CPU load is displayed in-game - this should be for dev only, not for production
  • highscores aren't saved yet

Other than that, awesome game so far!

Author :  deeph

This game is slowly becoming my favorite :)

Here's my current high score :

I still have one high score to beat, though :p

Author :  Drakker

Thanks, glad to hear this! I'm cleaning up the last roadblocks in my life that prevent me from actively coming back to this project... shouldn't be too long now.